Kate Kotoski

Kate is a creator looking to make the most inspiring works for you. A graduate of Stevenson University with a Bachelor of Science for Graphic Design, Kate is able to work with many different situations. Life in this fast pace world drives her personality and creativity. Raised to believe in herself, she pushes the envelope.

Currently working at InvestorPlace in Baltimore, MD in the Production department. Editing videos, photos, and designs based on the articles by InvestorPlace. InvestorPlace a leading investing and financial news site, providing millions of individual investors with access to free stock picks, options trades, market news and sharp, actionable commentary. They publish insightful articles on every corner of the market.

From Budapest Hungry to Seville Spain, Kate has traveled to multiple different places. Different cultures is what she likes the most about traveling. Seeing a different way of life helps her understand how to accomplish a project. Going through different perspectives or angles for a project can make a beautiful change. When she went out of the country for the first time, visiting Spain, it made her have a whole new outlook on life. It is not just a project but what it means to the people around you. 

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